Our Team

Christa Brown

Christa is the Founder and Executive Director of the Free Soil Arts Collective, an arts organization with a mission to amplify and strengthen the voices of POC artists in the Massachusetts Merrimack Valley. Often having to travel to Boston for consistent work as an actor, she saw a need to create and promote artistic endeavors that accurately reflected the richness of the community in which she lived. Independent research so far indicates that the Free Soil Arts Collective is the first theatre organization of its kind in the Merrimack Valley to be led by a Black woman. Directing credits include Free Soil’s 2019 production of Hair Tales: Stories of Black Hair-i-Tage at Merrimack Repertory Theatre. Christa also works as a consultant with nonprofits and companies looking for creative ways to tell stories of their impact.

Christa has a B.F.A. in Theatre from Longwood University, and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the Institute for Nonprofit Practice. She also worked with Entrepreneurship for All as a Marketing Manager where she developed communication and storytelling strategies to enhance EforAll’s program awareness and engagement with constituents. Working there afforded her the opportunity to interview Tarik Trotter “Black Thought” of the Roots at the 2018 EforAll Summit.

You can reach her at christa@freesoilarts.org

Awo P. Adu

Awo Adu is a 20-year-old Ghanaian-American storyteller studying Film/Media, Pan-Africana Studies, and Cultural Anthropology at Dartmouth College. Having grown up with minimal representation of Black identities on the screen, she has always sought to be and create the representation she never received. She is passionate about filmmaking, playwriting, education access, and languages. She believes that authentic Black representation both on-screen and on-stage are critical in creating sustainable racial equity. She enjoys writing poetry and plays, and filming vignettes in her free time.